Sunday, July 27, 2003

Letter to a Single Sister

Good evening, Jeanette,

Just a quick note to send you our greetings. I had thought that I was the only anglophone on the disciples list but by your address, I can see that I must be wrong.

I was particularly touched by your last note concerning Christian marriage and not really altogether in agreement with either Nicolas or Yvan — but I may not bother to mention it on the list; I think I am already getting the reputation as a bit of a rabble-rouser. :-)

My wife and I have often spoken of this very subject that you mention because we have seven children of our own, of which only one is married and several others that are rapidly approaching marriageable age.

The word of encouragement that I wanted to give you is simply to remind you of what Abraham did when he found himself in a very similar situation. His eldest son, Isaac, was getting to the point where a wife would be most desirable.

But he did not want Isaac to marry a local girl but wanted rather, a woman from his homeland and from his own tribe. So instead of just sitting back and praying for God to send someone, he 'put feet to his prayers' and did something of his own, something that he could do; he sent his servant to get a wife.

I just say this as a little 'other side of the coin' to you in your situation: Nicolas' advice is excellent. But don't go to the other extreme of waiting for God to do it all. The Lord wants us to do what we can do.

He will raise the dead, but we must roll away the stone. So, don't be afraid to put your faith into action! Put God first in your life and He will supply all your needs. But be open to His leading in however a way that it might occur. Amen?

Grace and peace be to you,


Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Ask a Bible Question

The following is a brief exchange of emails I had with a site proposing I ask any Bible question I wanted. I was just starting to really see clearly on this issue and wanted to push it to see if it would stand up.

Question: According to the Bible, who is a Jew and who are Israel?
Name: Derrick

Hi Derrick,

Literally speaking, Jews are the ancestors of Abraham. But spiritually speaking, Christians are God's children today and they are the true Jews (Phil. 3:2-3; cf. 1 Pet. 2:4f).

Thanks for writing. Please feel free to ask any further follow-up questions.


Dear Allan,

Thank you for your answer! That is pretty much the conclusion I have come to.

But I want to go further: If Christians are the true Jews, what is the relationship of the Lord to the ancestors of Abraham today? Can we say that there is no difference in God's eyes between a physical Jew and say, an Eskimo?

Thank you!


Hi Derrick,

God is not a respecter of person; therefore, he does not respect one person over another based upon his nationality (Gal. 2:6) — there's no difference between a physical Jew and an Eskimo. All those who obey Jesus (Heb. 5:9) and are baptized into Christ are made sons of Abraham (Gal. 3:26f).

Thanks for writing. Please feel free to ask any further follow-up questions.


Hello Allan,

Thanks for answering so clearly. Can I now ask you, as a further follow-up question: If this is all true — and I have no doubt that it is — if God is no respecter of persons, if there is no difference in His eyes between a physical Jew and an Eskimo, if it is the true Christians who are children of Abraham and heirs according to the promise ... then, why do so many Christians seem to think that God still has a 'plan' for the physical Jews? People talk about Jesus' parable of
the fig tree putting forth its leaves but forget that He also cursed it and said the kingdom would be plucked up and given to another nation bringing forth the fruits. Am I getting this right? If so, how can so many people be getting it wrong?

God bless you and thanks for your time,


Hi Derrick,

People in the denominations don't under this, but I don't know any congregation of the Lord's church that does not understand that Christians (not physical Jews) are God's chosen people and that God is not a respecter of men.

As to why this is misunderstood in religion today, I can only guess it is because they do not truly understand God's word concerning Christ and the kingdom.

I hope this helps. I hope to hear from you again,


Thanks for your help, Allan. If you know any French-speaking people you could send them to our sites, if you like. We're at : (discipleship and deeper life teaching) (basic messages for unbelievers and weaker brethren)

In Christ,