Monday, August 18, 2003

Love from France to The Gambia

Dear Michael & Peace and family,

Thanks for your note: it's always good to hear from you and how the Lord is blessing you.

Yes, we had a very hot two weeks here in August with temperatures over 40° which is quite unusual for France. We heard that over three thousand people died as a result of this heat, directly or indirectly.

This may be normal temperatures for you but here we are not equipped for it. Now we seem to have resumed more normal weather (which is still uncomfortably hot) with temperatures back in the thirties after a couple of days of refreshing rain to cool things down and water the plants.

We can't believe you will have 13 grandchildren! That is truly wonderful and you are certainly blessed of God. People say we have a 'big family' but there are only 12 of us in all, and only one is a grandchild! But we are so thankful to the Lord for all He is doing with us.

We are continuing our translations into French ( and studying the Word together daily. In two weeks we will be having our second training session for new believers here at the house so that is taking a lot of preparation too.

The Lord has been teaching us a lot about discipleship and the importance of good works to the coming Kingdom of God on earth. We have recently run across a book by a brother named Milton Green that we are translating because it is so necessary for the church today.

Have you ever heard of him? The book is called The Great Falling Away Today and deals with some of the false doctrines that have infiltrated churchianity; another gospel, another Jesus to the one preached by Paul. It is very sobering and a challenge to us.

Let's continue to keep in touch! The grace of God be with you,

Derrick & Sarah

Saturday, August 09, 2003

Marçon to Bordeaux

An exchange between the team of seven in Bordeaux, led by Raph, and the five (myself included) left behind in Marçon.

Hello there one & all!

You can write to us at this new address I just set up. We are at Louis & Annabelle's house and I am going to take a shower & go to bed.

It's been a tiring day, but it was nice meeting these brothers. They are very friendly. Becky has been trying out her Chinese and we practiced using chop sticks.

It's strange because they said in China they don't even have forks or table knives, only spoons for babies and then chop sticks! They said that if things need cutting, that should be done in the kitchen!

Must have something to do with the culinary culture I suppose, and l'art de la table must be a foreign concept. I guess you need months and years of practice in the finger muscles to be able to consistently pick things up because when we tried, the tips hardly ever lined up!

A message for the Dindonnier & his assistant Dindonnière :

Hello! We're missing you and hope you guys are having fun! We're sure thankful that you are looking after the animals so well. Perhaps we will find a little something to bring back that comes from Bordeaux!

Tomorrow we will help the Chinese friends to make Chinese tortellinis. For supper, we had some very good food which was unusual : it was spaghetti with peanut butter sauce, spicy minced meat, pimento and spicy chicken wings and sliced cucumber!

For desert they made some kind of pastry with raisins & chocolate. Hope you're having fun & see you soon! You can ask Daddy if you can write us a message if you want...

Lots of love,


Dear Famous Five Seven!

What a good idea to set up a web account to keep in touch! (Let's hope it works better than!)

It has now just struck 7am and I'm downstairs (by myself, of course) :-). We deliberately blew the evening and stayed up late and even didn't insist that the little ones get to bed on time so we all went upstairs together about midnight.

Though yesterday was just as hot as always, this morning it seems (so far) to be a little cooler. At least it is cooler for the moment. I left all the doors and windows downstairs open last night and it seems a little misty this morning. We'll see...

So glad to get your news last night and to hear that you are all well. We had Franck and Angela over last night and sat with them for two hours at the table and talked; they are quite nice and young in the faith, which may turn out to be their saving grace.

I mean that they don't seem to have too much church system indoctrination in them yet and seem fairly open to the message of truth. They want to get together regularly so we will see what happens. They are certainly too young to meet the Jays.

Now it's half past seven and everyone is here. Claire has just come over and is going to send a message: "Tell Raph no more animals died." I can't seem to get any more intelligent comments out of anyone yet — maybe it's too early.

We love you all and miss you, of course and will be glad to get back together. I'm glad that Bordeaux is only four hours away and that you had a good trip. I had better get going for the day.

I found another new Christian site in French called which I think is a strange name for a site but never mind. He's done it in the same software that you used for CLB. You ought to stop by and say hello and maybe leave an encouraging word. His site looks good actually.

Much love from the REAL famous five,


Hi there!

Thanks for the message. We had morning watch and the others have gone to the market to buy stuff for today and tomorrow. We are preparing for lunch with Louis.

Please could you send a shot of the front of the book shop (with sign) so we can show them? Thanks.

More later. Love, Raph

OK here you are!

One visitor to the bookshop this morning: a Congolese lady who bought a Martin Bible and a copy of Spiritual Authority by Watchman Nee.

Praise the Lord!


Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Saturday, August 02, 2003

Lo, the Holy City!

A special treat for you all this weekend! (Hope this doesn't overload your mailbox!) Play this song (mp3 format) on your computer and print the words out to sing along. We sing it over and over here and are so lifted up in the Spirit as the Lord makes the words come alive to our hearts. The mystery of Christ ...