Monday, May 17, 2004

Thursday, May 06, 2004

Letter to America

Good morning and hello again after almost a week's absence! We're back safely, thank the Lord. We returned yesterday noon, tired but so glad to be home. The trip was useful in all respects; not a real lot to tell but we had a good contact with these older people to whom we owe our respect and honor. Your envelope was waiting for us too, Mike, for which we thank you. I'll try to get them off by this weekend but will tell you how it goes.

Thanks for your birthday wishes for Nathalie yesterday, she is doing well, as we all are. We got online only once this past week and there was so much junk mail that it was all we could do to find your letters in the crowded inbox. She is writing to you all now and I'll probably attach her letter to this one, if it's finished in time.

Jonathan should try to write you all too about his email friend because I don't know all the details myself. He's been busy also with another young lad from Paris who got in touch and wants to serve the Lord.

You asked why my parents emigrated to the US, but it would take a long time to answer -- especially since I was too young to be a party to their deliberations. I reckon it was a lot to do with the fact that Britain was still suffering economically after the war and North America seemed to present a new life with new opportunities -- which it did. Those were very different times. We had food rationing coupon books still way into the forties. I have one still in my name for the year 1954. My mother grew up in Western Canada and had fond memories of her time there, so this was surely also a factor. Anyway, the Lord was in it and it all went into making me the kind of person I am today.

OK, in one of your first letters after I left, you mentioned that I had 'laid a heavy on you and then split', so I guess it's time now to try to analyse what I said and maybe to clarify my thoughts especially in the light of your reactions. Basically, knowing I was going to be gone for a week and that you were progressing quickly with plans to come here I wanted to be sure we were all on the same wave-length and thinking and seeing the same thing. I'm sure you realize that it was never my intention to be discouraging in the slightest -- I just wanted to be sure that what we were doing stood the reality test and that we were not fooling ourselves that the whole proposition would be easy.

Today, I have nothing to add to what I said then because the facts have not changed. Nathalie is hoping for some word from her uncle and Camille is trying her charms today on the préfecture to see what she can find out. I am also writing this morning to brother Robert (of the LC, in Toulouse) to see exactly how he did it for he is American and has recently acquired a job in the aerospace industry there. I think he came over here with a US firm originally via a transfer so maybe he got his papers that way. However, I'll let him tell me and will pass on to you whatever I learn. I have also dashed off a letter to brother Bill (also of LC fame) asking much the same thing of him. I'm milking everyone I can think of till the click falls into place.

We got a bit of a feeling of depression from your letters (not really depression, of course, but disappointment at the immediate plans 'not working out' and so on). We are very disappointed that you are disappointed. But actually, we have to remind ourselves that nothing whatsoever has changed over the past week. I don't want to put myself in a position of preaching to you, Mike & Natalie, because that is not at all my intent. But what I want to say is just that if the Lord told you to go, GO regardless of what height the waves are. Nothing has changed. I don't know what the Lord has in mind but then again, I never did. But I know that He will always honor obedience and faith, right? I knew an elderly woman who had a radio show years ago and always used to say, when talking of the ten lepers healed by Jesus, "'as they went they were healed' and we need to do the 'went'ing and put feet to our faith, don't we?"

I must leave you now because you'll soon be up and around and are surely waiting for a word from us. So here it is. Let us all trust in the Lord with all our hearts and believe that what He has said, He will accomplish. In the meantime, rest assured that we are pulling out all stops and trying to see what can be done -- maybe there is something that we have not thought of yet or even heard about. It can't be that difficult, can it? People do it all the time, one way or another. So let us seek Him who knows the beginning from the end and put our trust in Him. Nathalie's letter is not finished so that will have to be for later.

We love you all and remember you daily in prayer.