Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Tuesday evening

Grandma visited us this afternoon and that is why, at ten past ten at night, I am still up and pecking at my keyboard.

We are not fighting a physical battle but against spiritual forces. The only thing we can do is pray. We must all pray for Gaëlle because this poor girl is still in the clutches of untruth and deception. I just pray that somehow she will come to realize that if she wants sanity and truth in this life there is only one way to get it.

At work we got a very big order but had to reduce our margins so much that one wonders sometimes what the point is of doing it. Still, we will try to use it as a means of advertising -- something we have never really done yet.

The Lord is very good to us and we are so blessed in every way. All I want is the truth. God helping me, I do not want to hold on to anything, any doctrine, that is not completely true. And at the same time, God help me not to reject anything just because of ridiculous mans' traditions.

Good night ....

Saturday, August 21, 2004

Saturday night

I think I'm getting the hang of this thing and so you won't have to read too much drivel in the future -- I'll try to stay on topic (whatever that is) and these little notes will replace what we have been doing for the past year in writing to Tot. I think I like the idea.

I have decided to go ahead and sign the quote we got from M. Bardy and get him in to do the new stairs. It's only money - - (some of us had thought that it was too much money) but I think our time is far more valuable than our money -- and we can always get more money but we can never get more time!). I will be very happy to get that done and I know Camille will, too.

I think the next project around here is the much-talked-about "summer kitchen" so us boys will have to plan and see how and when we can put that into action.

Lilly was out manning the bookshop this morning, as usual. She said there were a couple of nasty calls on the answerphone. This evening they all went out and hit Château with some of the new posters. They were back by around 7pm having gotten up four right in the center of town. We must have gotten out around a quarter of the 10,000 "Péché" tracts we got printed up. We're now working on another one!

Another beautiful day today with a bit of a breeze but sunny and warm. I have just one more part of Evangeline to read to Becky and we will have finished the poem. It is sad, but he sure had a way with words!

See you tomorrow ...

Saturday afternoon ...

Today is Saturday afternoon here, Paris time. Happy birthday, Bryan. It is a beautiful sunny day and we've been busy all morning with the animals. What animals? Well, we have a couple of dozen sheep and a handful of goats that need fairly constant attention and so Jonathan decided to take a week of his holiday to construct a winter shelter for them in the "garage" area of our property. He finished it yesterday and it is well done!

Still no word from the Tots (more about them later!) but we got a Baslé update from Atlanta and a month-old newsletter from Mandy in Argentina.

The boys are stewing duck gizzards today which gives a nice smell to the house. They (R, J, C & O) went up to M. Morillon's and picked up three of our sheep that are marked for slaughter within the next few weeks. They're going straight into Jonathan's three new stalls.

We are so thankfull for the blessings of the Lord on our life.

I am still wondering how and when I should write to Tot and what I should say. We've all talked about it and have decided that we cannot just let him disappear into thin air with no word at all. Over here that is considered bad manners and I don't mind saying so to him, if it comes to that.

Friday, August 20, 2004

Hello all and sundry ...

Well, up till now we've been using this site as a way of communicating and posting our correspondence with Tot (hope you've enjoyed it, though I see there are not many lurkers).

With this post we are hoping to keep track of a little bit of our life here today on a personal level so I want to introduce you to the whole team -- all thirteen of us!

My name is Derrick and my wife is Sarah. Together we have raised seven children that we are very proud of: Raphaël, Elisabeth, Jonathan, Rebecca, Christopher, Claire, and Olivier. Raphaël got married a couple of years ago to Camille and they now have two children of their own; Christine and David. The thirteenth (in this list) is Nathalie who came to live with us several years ago and is in every way just like our eighth child, and what a blessing -- if you don't know the story, we'll tell you all about it a bit later!

This is a new venture for us; we have no idea who may want to read this blog, but we are united and excited about the idea of putting it together. Every day? I doubt it. But check back here at least twice a week if you want to keep up with us.

May the Lord God bless you all!

Wednesday, August 04, 2004


Christopher turned ten today and this was his catch, pictured here with his proud sister, Claire.