Saturday, October 16, 2004

Change of Schedule

Being a Proposition
for a change in the schedule
to be applied only on weekends

Given that,

— we work a “hard week,” and that

— we “never have a minute to ourselves,” and that

— everyone has a pile of books they are pretending to be reading,

Be it therefore known and resolved

that, by the powers invested in him by virtue of his position

as Father, Husband, Friend, and Head of the Courtiron Household,


(the undersigned)

hereby states and declares

that with effect Sunday the seventeenth day of October, 2004

the family schedule on weekends will start with


being promptly served

at the respectable and customary hour of 7 o'clock.

It is to be most carefully noted that on these days,

to wit, Saturday and Sunday,

no interrogationwill take place

as to the activities of anyone between the hour of “going to bed”

and the call to breakfast of the following day,

each person being accounted responsible

(rightly or wrongly)

enough to have used his (or her) time wisely.