Wednesday, December 29, 2004

A transcribed note

Wednesday, 29/12/04
C.H. – Le Mans
5 pm

Nothing left to read so I bought this A5 notepad to perhaps jot down some thoughts or maybe write a letter or two.

First, I thank my God once again for bringing me through this little test—I pray that my faith has grown somewhat from the experience.

So far as my health goes, this coming year I want to lose another five kilos to bring me down to an even 100 – then afterwards we'll see.

The cardiologist said to keep losing a little weight, to try to get my TA to around 14/8, and to try to get a little exercise every week. I can do that. God helping me, I will.

6:30 – supper. Thank you, Lord Jesus, for the good food.

I've had a room-mate since this morning. Having him here takes some of the joy out of enjoying my food again since he can't eat. Don't know what he has. Lord help me to say something kind before I go—something that might cheer him up.

The food is piping hot, as are the plates, and the portions are generous—especially the vegetables which is about double what you'd expect. I "ought" to have passed up this one—two hot meals the same day! What about my weight! I'll see to that tomorrow.

Saw the doctor in the hall and confirmed check-out for tomorrow. What'll I do till then?

Sunday, December 26, 2004

What a way to spend Christmas!

Well, this was the year we had decided to spend the holidays in Rome but we never made it!

Driving on the first leg of the trip down to our hotel in Riom my back was hurting me more and more till all I wanted to do was lay on the floor of the room to try and relieve it.  Finally Sarah called me a nurse who, after a basic examination, sent me to the hospital in town that very evening — the night before Christmas!

There the night-nurse on duty diagnosed gall bladder stones; or as we say here, cholécystite aiguë.

She said I needed to get it seen to right away but agreed to me driving home, so as to get things done at home in Le Mans.

So next morning we were off and spent our day —Christmas day—getting there.  We were admitted that same day and an operation was scheduled for the following day.

Friday, December 17, 2004

Microtec Annual Dinner

As usual we celebrate with all the employees from Microtec with a dinner together.  This year we went to the Le Mans Country Club and had a top notch meal with excellent service.

Here the whole team:

Left to right, in front of me, is Pascal, Raphael, Jonathan, Nathalie, Stéphane, and Cédric
And here's the venue