Monday, October 30, 2006

News on Aunty

Just a quick update to Aunty's situation. I've just gotten off the phone to her and she is as well as can be expected but sounding very much like her old self; strong and full of direction.

She saw one of her doctors today who went off to look at the x-ray they had done on her hip yesterday but she said he never returned.

She's expecting him to look in tomorrow, as well as the doctor that performed the operation on her hip. So far she has no real news to tell us except that we reckon she'll be there for at least a week more.

She said she got up today and that soon she has an appointment to get into some physiotherapy, so all in all, I think she is well taken care of.

And I think that is all for tonight. She told me tonight again that she doesn't want anybody to "come over" and help her and that everything is alright. In fact, she has a maid ("home help") come in every Tuesday and tidy up a bit. She picks up her mail and brings it around to the hospital Wednesday afternoon. Then Frank, her neighbor, comes in every day just to tidy up the mail and what-not. She's very particular about how she organizes things and seems to have everything under control.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

News for my siblings and cousins

Hello everybody,

There is nothing to get alarmed about but I wanted to write you with some news about our Aunt R.

Last Wednesday, she fell in her home and broke her shoulder and her hip, both at the same time. She was taken to the hospital where they performed surgery the next day to set her hip. Since then she's been resting and is well.

Now the details. Early Wednesday morning she got up to go to the bathroom at about 5 am, felt giddy and fell heavily on her left side breaking both her shoulder and hip.

Unfortunately, she wasn't wearing the "panic button" that I bought her years ago (for just such an emergency) and she had quite a struggle getting to the phone by her bed.

Eventually, after nearing two hours of inching her way forward she got to her bedside table, floored everything to get the phone, called 999 and got help. She was taken directly to the hospital who called to let us know what had happened.

They said she was as comfortable as could be expected having received a spinal anesthetic and they were going to try to get her into surgery in the morning. I said to tell her I'd called and that I'd call after surgery the next day.

So on Thursday I called and found out that surgery had gone well and that she was resting. Later on that evening I talked to her and she asked me not to mention it to anyone yet because (you know how she is about these things) she didn't want anyone to worry.

In any case she said there was nothing anyone of you could do. She told me not to come for the same reason: she was in good care and there was little else I could do for her.

Yesterday, Friday, she was resting all day and was on a blood transfusion to get her color back. She spoke well and said that they had decided during the operation that nothing much could be done about her shoulder but put it in a sling. She has said several times how glad she is that it was on her left side since she does everything with her right hand.

Today she said I could tell you folks, but still doesn't want anyone else to know -- especially, she mentioned, not Tony & Peggy nor people that are close to her there. I guess she really doesn't want people fussing over her right now when there's really nothing they can do for her: she just has to rest now and get her strength back.

We don't know how long she'll be there because, since it's now the weekend, she will need to wait till Monday to see the specialists first. She was glad to see her GP come in to see her and thought that was good.

Of course I told her I'd be glad to come over at a moment's notice since I'm not far, but she said if there was anything she needed she let us know. For the moment she talks much like her old self and seems to be getting very well taken care of.

She said she's in a four-bed ward with others who have also had similar accidents and that she has a nice view overlooking the grounds.

I can't think of anything else I have to tell you. Rest assured, she is in good hands and I'll notify you regularly with progress reports over the next few days -- sooner, of course, if there is anything of importance to tell you.

Much love from all of us here,

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Happy birthday, Claire

Wednesday, fast day, and Claire's birthday. Almost forgot until a minute ago when checking the date. Ten years old; hard to believe.

Yesterday I printed out Alasdair's web site and bound it. He is really something. There are so few kids like that, who really want to do something for God, no matter what. I wonder if the rise of radical Islam is having an effect on young people today. They can't help thinking about their own culture and their parents' faith and every once in awhile -- maybe one person in a million -- somebody's fuse is lit by the radical, Anabaptist, uncompromising doctrine.

It's much how I lived as a young person; so misunderstood I despaired of ever finding a soul-mate who shared my vision of life. God grant many more who will pick up their cross and follow him truly. And God help me to follow as well, because it's not something you do once for all but is always in need of that dying daily, so hard to bear.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

How can some people be so mean?

I'm rather distressed these days just thinking about several Internet relations I've had over the past years with Christian people. Every once in awhile I find myself going back to their sites and just looking at their stuff and reading and wondering why they never liked me enough to communicate.

There were disappointments, like the way Tot turned out. But he was easier to get over because we saw the divorce coming.

But Timothy Williams hurt me so bad I still can't understand or even think of him dispassionately. I can't listen to his sermons any more -- it just hurts too much. I kept his last email in my front pocket for over a year until it was all worn.

I'd take it out and read it over and try to understand how what he said was not mean.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Back again...

Well, I am back again after an extended absence -- it's been months!

Hearing that Wendy just got herself a blog made me wonder what ever happened to mine. Reading my silly comments of years ago reminds of why I stopped doing it. However, if I can find the time I think I have a great deal more to say nowadays.

We'll see how it goes...