Sunday, November 05, 2006

News from Aunty

Just a quick note this Sunday night to give you all an update on Aunty.

Actually, there is not much to tell: she is well and comfortable though she has her ups and downs -- and Sunday is never an interesting day to spend in any hospital! Tomorrow she'll see her doctor and physiotherapist and so will know more about how things stand with her.

She is taking her noon meal in the dining hall with the others, the nurses wheeling her there in a wheelchair -- so this is always the 'high point' of the day since it's a break with monotony and enables her to get out of her ward a little bit.

I think she will be where she is now until the end of the month; I can't foresee her getting discharged before then, though anything is possible. Basically she has to get back to being autonomous again (shopping, driving, cooking, cleaning, etc) before they will discharge her.

I got in touch with Rosemary the other night who has now called her and, in turn, has passed on the info to her side of the family, so everyone is in the know of what little there is to tell.

Love to all of you,

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Thursday, November 02, 2006

On the death of a father in law

You are all in our thoughts, Joy, at this time.

Death is a part of life so that the circle will be complete. But it's never welcome when it comes since it breaks into our cycle of friendships and creates holes that are hard to fill.

It sounds like he has been fortunate to have had a full life with little health problems. We can only pray that he will go to sleep peacefully and that the Lord will fill the hole he leaves in your heart with his love.

Love from us all,