Monday, December 31, 2007

Old postcards to end the year

Last Friday I mentioned some old postcards of our house that Gérard had brought over for us to scan. I thought maybe I'd make that the subject of this last post of 2007.

Here is a picture of what they called (in the 1920s) the "meeting room" of the dairy. Today we call it the dining room.

See the very same stairs we use to go up to Raph & Camille's apartment? And the very same curtains on Camille's windows! :) If anyone could recognize that car, I believe it's the only clue as to the real date on the photo.

Now here's a pic of some children (who I doubt are still alive today) playing around what was to become our letter-box. Notice the driveway in exactly the same slope leading to the Microtec offices and the studio. It evidently used to be the offices.

Now the last one for tonight will have to be this "vue générale" in which is clearly seen the studio, the kitchen, Raph & Camille's apartment, and the Microtec offices. You've got to admit, though, that our color scheme today is slightly more alluring. :)

Good night to you all, and a happy new year to everyone. We don't learn much from our mistakes, do we? But may we learn to do it better this time. Hope springs eternal in the human breast ... all you're being asked to do is love one another!

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