Friday, February 29, 2008

How Claire is doing now

Well, in the end I went in to see Claire with Becky last night but didn't see much point in staying there since it's only 45 minutes from home and hotels are not cheap.  I told Claire I'd come back in the morning.

This morning I left just after six with Nat and Christopher -- we got there right at seven o'clock as they were preparing to give her breakfast.

Kripper had brought a couple of hard-boiled eggs and two slices of buttered toast, an orange, and another tupperware containing a slice of toast with honey and some of Claire's gulogs.

Then in came her hospital breakfast: they brought around some orange juice, a fruit yoghurt, and a glass of milk.  The girl was surprised, but Claire (who'd fasted all day yesterday) didn't stop until she'd done the whole thing justice!

Here she is, my darling:

She was in bright spirits this morning and much more talkative than she was last night -- I think she was glad to see her brother!

This afternoon Camille and Becky took Olly and Céline (and Suzie, of course) in to see her.  Mum went along too and is staying the night in the parent's home, just next door to the children's hospital.

I saw the doctors this morning and spoke to them a little.  They said she'd cut a nerve (that partially affected sensations in two of her fingers) and a tendon, used to bring her hand forward from the wrist.

As I said to Mum, I don't need to know more right now.  It's really not my expertise and I rest assured that they did the very best they could and that she is getting the best attention she could get.

They said it might take a year before getting full motor control again (in that one area) and longer than that before her tactile sensations are sorted out.  I'm just hoping it won't be too long before she can use it properly.  It's going to be difficult for her: it's her left hand, and she is left-handed.

She'll have a cast on for a month or so and should be out tomorrow.  I thank the Lord Jesus for his mercy in this situation and for bringing it to us: may we learn all that we are to learn from it.

Thursday, February 28, 2008


Yesterday afternoon Claire, running through the house, put her hand through a glass door pane that shattered and cut her hand and arm up pretty badly.

I took a quick look at it and had Sarah take her over to the local doctor right away who bandaged it and called Clocheville Children's Hospital in Tours to have her admitted.  Once they got there they said she would need to be operated on as they suspected a cut nerve.

They stayed the night and Claire went into the operation around eleven this morning.  They said it was difficult to say how long the operation would take and in the end she didn't come up to her room till three hours later having had a general anaesthetic.

Sarah called me this afternoon and said she was on antibiotics through an intravenous perfusion that would need her to stay there another two nights. Afterwards (presumably, Saturday) she would be able to come home and continue the antibiotics for another two days.

Sarah has just returned.  I said I would go in to Tours and spend the night with Claire so that Sarah can get a better night's sleep tonight as well as some decent food.

Accidents don't happen; they're caused.  We live remarkably accident-free but when something like this does happen it reminds us all of our few general house rules and serves as a lesson for all.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Saturday, February 09, 2008

A beautiful day

I've just gotten off the phone to Aunty after my nightly call.   She's well and in fairly good spirits.  It's better when I call a little earlier (I had been calling her at 8/7 now I've moved it up to 7/6).

Went down to the hotel to check the Dinan today but it had fallen back nicely to a very reasonable ten and a half bricks.  It looks like the threat of flooding might be over for this year and if so, we got off very well with only a few centimetres for about 24 hours.

It has been another glorious day today with afternoon temperatures touching 18° and a beautiful sun in the sky.

Friday, February 08, 2008


Just want to make a note for posterity (me, next year, for example) that the river at the hotel rose to nine and a half bricks on Tuesday and actually flooded the banquet room to about five or ten centimetres but when I went by the next day it had receded and has not risen again to that height.

Today I went by and it was down to a little over ten bricks and very sluggish but the walkway was not flooded.

If you're not familiar with our situation here, just ignore this post.  There are far more entertaining ones here ...

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Under the weather

Corny title, I guess, but that's me, today. If you knew what I'd been up to the past couple of days, you'd understand!

I got back Friday from another flash 24-hour visit to Aunty's and it's taking a toll. Even when everybody else falls, I usually manage to resist but this time I feel rotten.

On Thursday afternoon, while Aunty decided to take a nap, I told her I'd run next door to Tesco and get her the few things she wanted.  Once I got down there I impetuously thought of walking over -- it's not far and the exercise will do me good.

Trouble is, there was a cold wind blowing and all morning it had been lashing rain.  I thought better times were ahead but the heavens opened again while I was going over there.  I wasn't wearing a proper coat for the rain and I'd left my hat at the home so I got a fairly thorough drenching.

On top of that was the return trip waiting for me, carrying the bags.  The rain hadn't let up much and the wind was cold and sharp.

To top it all off, that night I had the boat to myself but, for some reason, couldn't find the blankets anywhere.  I thought little of it and was tired after the day of moving the last carload of junk from Baring Road.

But by morning, I regretted it badly.  The air-conditioning had blown on me all night, it seemed, and after a bad sleep I awoke with my teeth just chattering with cold!

The trip home from Caen is normally two and a half hours and I'm seldom at home any later than ten in the morning.  This time I wasn't home till noon; I kept stopping for half an hour here and half an hour there; not trusting myself to continue.

Friday night I had a hot shower and was in bed by eight-thirty cuddling with Olly while Sarah had Becky and Christopher at music and were not expected back till late.

I slept like a log but was still feeling down yesterday.  Today Mum took things in hand and put me in a chair in front of the fire and I stayed there neither reading nor sleeping most of the morning and through the noon meal.

Everyone went out to have a walk around the lake after lunch (bright and sunny and about four degrees) so Becky got me set up for a "real nap" downstairs in front of the wood stove. I must have slept an hour and a half and I feel quite refreshed, so I thought I'd jot down a little news for you -- but it seems I'm not going to have time to talk of much else.

Never mind, I'll try to write again a little later.