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Mum and Denise ...

... are in Malta.

I drove them to the train station in Le Mans last Friday morning.  We heard from Mum a day or so ago and she was telling us how everything was going so well. Apparently Denise had taken Mum to see many of her friends (after the wedding on Saturday) and they'd not only been well received but Denise had shown herself to be real strong.

Today we were talking to mother and apparently she stayed last night with Ken, Denise's old pastor after a particularly difficult evening.  Please pray for her and them.  We spoke at some length to Mum on the phone today and she seemed encouraged and strengthened.

I told her there is no such thing as a good defeat, nor a bad victory.  We cannot accept defeat.  If Denise can't find love here, where is she going to find it?  We must do anything, be anything, to show everyone that our motivation is real love, the love of God.

Everything is going great back home and I'm planning to drive up to Orly on Friday to pick them both up.  Camille said she'd take the other younger ones to the conservatory in the afternoon, if needed.  I haven't even gotten around to figuring out Friday yet.