Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Important announcement to all

Dear all,

As you know I try to carry out my work in the brocante room because we've never been able to afford getting me a real office like everyone else has. But never mind, I do my best and have even managed to clear myself enough space to get around carefully to the back of the room and I pretend that the little flat space between the book depository and the old electric cords storage is a desk.

However, the time has come when a couple of questions must be asked because yesterday a small halogen light bulb suddenly appeared in that room while I was out. Now of course everyone has a perfect right to deposit old bric-a-brac, broken junk, and other assorted crud in that room, but in this case I am in need of an enlightening explanation, please.

Can anyone answer the following questions for me:

1. Is this light bulb new or used?
2. Does it still work?
3. Where did it come from?
4. Why was it placed next to my pens?
5. I am expected to do something with it, or is it simply to be admired?

For further clarification, I enclose a photo of the offending item (still in place) and would ask the owner to come and claim it any day during "business hours" at the brocante room.

Thank you!


Wednesday, May 07, 2008

What a terrible poster!

As I drove around England, this was posted many times in the public rest-rooms—I couldn't believe how they could be so brash and bold and mean and cruel!

Money is all that counts for some people no matter whose lives need to be broken up to get it!

"...let it rather be healed" is Jesus response to problem relationships.