Saturday, November 15, 2008

A new little one

Just heard from Michel at noon today that little Jérémie was born to him and Lilly yesterday at 1 pm and that both mother and baby are doing well.

I didn't have the presence of mind to ask him any "important" questions but I'll post the rest when we know it.

Praise the Lord!

Friday, November 07, 2008

Tom & Suzanne

I drove Tom & Suzanne to the station in Le Mans early this morning in the dark and the rain -- the kind of driving conditions I like the least. But they made it in plenty of time and left happy, loaded with some gifts for other families and friends in Darvell. We have had a wonderful visit and we all pray our relationship will grow.

Yesterday Sarah and I took them out to a little restaurant in St Vincent du Lorouer that we've been to before. We had a very leisurely lunch and much time to talk. Both had a lot to say resulting from their personal experiences in child-raising. Tom had some very helpful insights into maintaining obedience in children. As he said, unquestioning obedience is the most important thing you can teach a child while he's young because this will inculcate a receptive attitude to obedience to God that will last all through his life.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Laws of nature

In a reflective air, my sister recently wrote, "(I) wonder if now is the time that we ... are going to reap what we have sown in the last 50 odd years of telling God that we “trust” in Him but don’t want Him involved in our lives... It’s a frightening thought."

It's funny but my brother wrote something very similar to me last week when he said, "
please pray that we as a nation would not get "what we deserve"." What makes these things uncanny is that I have never heard either of them talk like that before - not to me, anyway.

How can I pray that a nation -- or anybody -- will not get what they deserve?  How can we wonder if a nation -- or
anybody -- will not reap what they've sown?

What goes up, must come down. The rivers run into the sea, yet the sea is not full. Be not deceived, God is not mocked.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Will you vote on Tuesday?

No, I will not vote on Tuesday. Neither could I, even if I wanted to.

I am not a citizen of the United States. The American dream is not my dream. What is more, I feel no loyalty to America, or any earthly nation, because my loyalty lies elsewhere (with the Kingdom of God) and it would be immoral, unfair and wrong of me to vote someone else into an office I could not possibly, as a follower of Jesus, hold.

No worldly ruler can be a follower of Christ (Matthew 20:25-28).

No earthly country is -- or ever could be -- a "Christian Nation," for although God sets up worldly governments (unconverted rulers to govern the unconverted) his kingdom is of another place and kind (John 18:36).

The idea that one political party is better suited to accomplish God's will on earth than another, is faulty, because God does not depend on politics to accomplish his will. He could accomplish his will just as nicely in Nazi Germany and in the USSR as he as ever accomplished it in America.

It would be as wrong for me to help the world choose its leaders as it would be wrong for the world to choose leaders for the church. It is not my business who holds office among them, and it is not their business who holds office among us. Our realms of operation are absolutely and eternally separated -- all we are doing is temporarily co-existing on earth until Jesus reappears.

Edmund Burke's quote is true, but it does not apply to Christians voting. This American election will fix nothing. No disaster can be averted by either Obama or McCain. The train is already barreling down the track, out of control, with the bridge washed away before it. America and all other countries, with all other leaders, and all societies and peoples of the world are racing full tilt toward destruction. All we are seeing here is a minor, and totally insignificant, switch of personnel.

Do not fool yourself into thinking that by casting one vote this way or that you are making a difference, or "doing something" about it. You are just scampering along with the rest of the lemmings.

The only ones "doing something" today are Jesus' followers who keep themselves absolutely out of the whole mess. Who refuse to take part in what is not of God (as in this immoral campaign that has cost billions upon billions of dollars while a third of the world goes hungry). Who maintain a prophetic witness, who pray, and stand as visible pointers the opposite way.

We "do something" by refusing to fill our minds with the political trash that fills the news.

By refusing to bring politics into the church of Jesus (politics that divide along lines that have nothing to do with the Gospel).

By refusing to take sides while consistently praying for and supporting the governments of the lands in which we live.

By following Jesus who refused to be a judge of worldly matters or take part in violence.

We will "do something" on election day -- the exact "something" that Jesus would do -- by planting potatoes and listening to the kookaburras laughing in the gum trees all around our lovely Tasmanian farm.

Is that enough for you?


Thank you, Peter, for summing up our thoughts so perfectly! From Tasmania to France, we are one.