Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The last days

These are our last days before the big trip as we live the last days of this year. Tomorrow we close the business at noon and won't be back in this office until January 5. I really feel like we need a break.

Last night we had our Microtec annual dinner. We'd decided to go to Hoo Dong's Asian restaurant, sure that that would be a help to him as well. Everything went very well since Monday is normally his day off so we had the place to ourselves. I presented the girls with a box of chocolates and the men got a wooden crate of Bordeaux and everyone seemed to have enjoyed themselves.

Before the desert Christopher and Rebecca came out and performed their Meditations de Thais that they'd been practising so long over the past few months. Christopher is really very good with his violin and manages to put real feeling into his playing.

Yesterday morning I had taken one of the older C3 (from 2002) to the Citroën dealer in Tours to reinstall the back seats. This will be a great blessing to the family from time to time since the poor old 205 has finally yielded up the ghost and is beyond repair.

Tomorrow we plan to leave for Rome for our long-awaited visit to Italy. We've promised the younger ones this trip for some time and it seems that this time it might work - though I worry a little about leaving Grandma for so long. We have lots of plans (Pisa, Florence, Rome, Naples, and Pompei) but we'll see how far we get.

Tomorrow night we plan to sleep in "our" favourite hotel Hôtel des volcans just north of Clermont-Ferrand then on Christmas day we'll get down to Sainte-Maxime to spend the evening with Serge who is lending us his great camping-car for the trip. We plan to go down to his place in the C4 and the C3 and then proceed into Italy with only the C4 and the camper, leaving the little C3 at his place for the return trip. Claire, especially, is very excited about the trip!

Saturday, December 20, 2008