Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I was going to write this yesterday but couldn't find the time.

Last night Sarah and I were sitting outside the studio around nine in the evening after everyone else had gone to bed and the children had had their story time and were tucked in. Night was falling after a lovely sunny spring day and a couple of bats were flying around as they do.

I started thinking that I always see them – when I do – at the same time of night; early dusk. Within fifteen minutes they'd gone. I guess they do their hunting for bugs and whatever they eat at that time of night. It also seems to me to be a sign that summer is well on the way.

We've been having glorious weather every day this week with not a cloud in the sky and temperatures around 17 or 18 at the beginning of the afternoon. It's forecast to continue all week like that.

Tonight I was out too late to see the bats but the sky was perfectly clear and all the stars shining so brightly I was glad to be living where I am. I never did learn the constellations very well but since the studio faces south I could see the little dipper and several bright stars – as well as the odd plane on it's way to Paris blinking red on one side and the even-brighter satellites here and there.

I was trying to make some order in all the papers that litter my office today and so brought a stack that Wendy (or Bryan) had Xeroxed for me when my mother died over ten years ago. You can only take so much of that kind of stuff at one time so I go through it bit by bit.

Copies of my father's correspondence and my mother's last letters to me. Very sad in so many ways and it makes one think of the brevity of life and our overall worth and value. They did what they thought best – we all did – and only eternity will sort it all out in the end. But I regret my father didn't live longer than he did. I'd love to be able to talk to him now.

So I'm off to bed now. I want to try to take a couple of pictures of what I'm talking about to show you. If you're interested enough to read what I'm writing, you might as well see what I'm talking about, especially in this day and age where such things are so easy.

Good night!


  1. You KNOW I'm interested in what you are writing...I'm so glad you are blogging more and it's causing Floyd and I to as well... Too bad Bryan is missing out on all our daily life stuff.

    I'd love to see whatever photos you post. In the summer here, we, too, have the bats around dusk. Last year when we went camping at Milk River, we were watching them all come out and then, like you said, they disappear! I remember being creeped out by them when I was a kid at an Alliance camp somewhere in southern Alberta...ha idea where I was!

    I know what you mean about Mum and Dad's things. On my "to-do" list is the task of going through their diaries that I have and typing them out so that future generations will have those memories. My girls can read Mum's handwriting but Dad's is pretty hard - even to me. And I feel that he had so much to say. Fortunately, he only wrote a couple of lines a day but still we have years and years of his diaries. I wonder if that task will ever get done. I, too, wish he had lived longer.

  2. Good to see your posting more. Just be careful of the bats, they say don't let them get into your hair but then again guess your getting like me and don't have to worry about that so much anymore eh?
    My Dad never kept a diary. He was a man that never wrote much down.My Mom didn't keep one either.sigh.