Saturday, March 21, 2009

A busy day

Today I got a blood test first thing and was supposed to call the doctor with the results at noon. I completely forgot so he won't get them in time to adjust my medicine till Monday. Too bad for me.

Nat took me in and since I was finished so soon I went down to the Saturday market in Château du Loir. I always like the market and know everyone and there's a lot of goodwill and general fun — especially now that the cold season is well and truly over and the sun is up and feeling warm on your back by nine o'clock.

Since Nat's parents were visiting the region (as they do from time to time) it had been decided that she would go with Olly and Raph & Camille and their three children for lunch and afternoon, so it's been quiet around here. Camille said that if they have a boy (due July, I think) they like the name Amos. Quite original, in French or English! Don't know if Debbie and Roo have picked a name yet.

Jonathan and Debbie killed a three-year-old he-goat that had been causing a nuisance for some and eating his way through almost a bale of hay per day! A male goat has to be more useful on a farm to eat that much. So he went.

Meanwhile Andrea helped Christopher and me to cut a few of the thuya hedge bushes at the bottom of the garden. We just did about half a dozen, chain-sawing them off at around 2m50 to see how we're going to like it. Meanwhile it was so sunny and warm that Claire and Becky sat outside at the stone table and read and worked on Becky's composition. Funny to be so few of us!

We heard from the Shepherds this morning, a nice long letter that they'd promised us in an email a couple of weeks ago. They want to come for an extended visit in September so that sounds nice. They've decided to cut out email and Internet access for their family which is why they seemed to go silent on us for awhile. I can understand their position entirely and have been tempted myself with something similar but with twelve children I can see it could be very detrimental and difficult to manage.

Still no photos for you all. I'll try to take some with my phone tomorrow (our camera is on the blink). This is a rather drab diary-type posting today but there you are, some people like that.

The team from St Martin le beau just walked in so I'll have to sign off. Nat, who tested our camera today with her father, who has an identical one, says that it is the battery that needs to be replaced. Rather that, than the camera, a nice one.

More tomorrow, God willing. I appreciate those of you who comment when you read. It provides a little feedback and knowledge of who is following. You know who you are: thanks.


  1. HiDerrick. Good to see that you had a good time at the market. We don't have one here but they do in lethbridge so guess we should look into that this summer.Sometimes it's nice to have a slow day and it Saturday anyway isn't it? My day was a bit busy but kind of slow too.h Have a great day.. love you guys

  2. Hi Uncle Derrick!! I am now one of those people that is following your blog! I even put a link on my own blog so I will remember to check yours every now and then! I know whats it like to write a post and no one post it..but then you talk to someone later on and they say, "oh I read that in your blog!" and I think to myself..."THEN WHY DONT YOU COMMENT??" haha - it's what they do I guess.

    It's Jonathan and Debbie that are expecting in July right? Cause from the way you wrote it - at first I thought it was Raph and Camille..haha

    LOL at killing the goat..

    I love you and miss you Uncle Derrick - pass my love to everyone!


  3. Both Camille and Debbie are expecting a litle one this summer -- within just weeks of each other!

    Love from all of us

  4. This was a diary-like post but these are ones that often make those of us who are far away seem closer. Day-to-day life details make us feel involved...

    I, too, chuckled about the goat - they can be a nuisance, can't they?

    It will be interesting to see if the boy-girl thing continues with the two upcoming little ones. If it does, I think you should be contacting the Guiness people! LOL!