Friday, March 20, 2009

Leaving well-enough alone

Don't you hate it when people constantly change, update and otherwise "improve" the look of their web site or blog? All of a sudden, regular visitors feel lost. Nothing is quite the same.

If we only knew that nine times out of ten the poor blogger has changed so many parameters that inside half an hour he really hasn't a clue as to how to get things back to where they were before. So, to save face he pretends he did it all on purpose.

Sorry! And all that just to add a little clock! (Ha! Well, at least I didn't touch the photo!)


  1. ROTFLOL! That is so funny and human of you to admit it!

    I have been there, done that, countless times over...

    What I have searched for, over and over, is a template that utilizes the whole screen! It's so hard to find. You have done well with this one... Mine has such a big spaces on either side that just take up space!

  2. Ya Derrick your not alone but like you say most won't admit it. ha ha.Usually when it happens to me I accidentally hit the wrong button and never do get it back where it was. Must be the stupid computers fault eh?