Sunday, April 19, 2009

Lord's Day at Courtiron

We have just finished a restful Lord's day here with a wonderful time together this morning and even more meaningful communion this evening.

In the afternoon we all got busy washing bottles and caps, cutting and glueing labels, and sorting cases as Raph bottled another 90 bottles of cidre fermier as he calls it — as different from commercial cider as it is possible to be, to hear him tell of it.

We also got the old phone hooked up to verify it works on our system but there was no problem at all. Tomorrow we'll draw out a cable, hook things up, and I'll take a picture of it in place for you. Everybody loves it!

Mum spent a little time today down at the river and took a couple of shots of it. I wanted to show them to you since I think they are quite nice. She has spent hours making stone walls and planting flowers — if you had seen it before, you'd quickly see the difference!

Taken from the opposite shore

Taken from the bridge

May God bless every one of you and grant you the simplicity and love we enjoy here.


  1. Thank Sara for taking the photos!! They are beautiful! What a wonderful job she has done with the landscaping! The stream reminds me of the one Mum and Dad used to have in Bethel - it was so calming and serene...

  2. Nice photo's. Looks like she has done a lot of work but beautiful. Good job.