Friday, May 15, 2009

Courtiron from the sky

Here's a picture taken from the hot-air balloon ride of last week which shows our property. The house (Bethany-Courtiron) is squarely centered in the picture attached to the large newly-roofed area of Microtec and Raph's apartment.

The Land Rover Jeep is visible parked between the vegetable patch in the foreground and the garage in the lower left, right next to the Microtec parking lot. It may look like a ramshackle conglomeration of buildings from the air, but it's home to us!

As an added bonus I'll give you the link to see the same thing on Google maps! Just click here.


  1. What a nice picture! Somehow it reminds me of something... somewhere...

    I wonder who that is standing on the parking lot...


  2. All the lush greenery makes it a lure for me! I remember it well (but not well enough!)