Monday, May 04, 2009


For two thousand years now, believers in Jesus as the Son of God have been dividing and splintering themselves into different sects, churches, groups, cults, associations, and denominations; I believe we're well over 45,000 of these offshoots at the moment, each one more or less firmly convinced that they are the ones who represent historic Christianity the way Jesus came to establish it.

While musing on all this I wondered, not why such splits occur, but why it is that we place such a high value on doctrine. Of course doctrine has not been the only cause of division but it must be the chief one.

Why is it we strive so endlessly to get our doctrine just right? Why does it matter if our beliefs are a little bit off? Why is it so hard to accept someone who doesn't believe like we do?

It is really an amazing thing, if you'll consider it. Surely no other religion is so divided ... therefore somehow our doctrine and set of beliefs must make a difference somehow — or at least we think it does. This is all the more the pity when you know just what Jesus stood for which he wanted expressed in love and unity.

This doesn't sound very profound yet and I know it. Let's just call it some "thoughts under construction".

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  1. I is sad. There are, however, vital points of extreme importance that are crucial to our salvation...and those are not to be compromised.