Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Heather is gone

• The four visitors got up early this morning and drove to Le Mans to put daughter Heather on the train home, via Paris. Apparently she took time off from her job to accompany her parents on the trip but was only able to stay a week – she won't even be able to attend the conference. Never mind, it was good to meet her.

We sent them off this morning with a C3 topped up with gas, a workable GPS unit, and my portable telephone, fully charged. We said jokingly to ourselves; If they get lost now, they're doing it on purpose! :-)

The idea was for them to head south and spend the day in and around Tours. On Monday they went with Mum in the afternoon when she took the children to the conservatory. They spent a few hours walking the old town and marveling at the architecture and so on. They greatly enjoyed spending time in the cathedral, too. So now they'll likely do something similar in Tours. Yesterday they'd spent the day with Rammy on a flash day-trip up to Normandy (see yesterday's note).

• Paul got here yesterday from Ohio and is outside now with Jonathan and Andrea working the garden and seeming to enjoy it as much as the others. He's corresponded a lot with Roo and has done a fair bit of support work on some of the CopyCat forums so it was nice to combine a little business and pleasure. He also knows David fairly well, apparently, and has visited Elmendorf several times.

• It's funny but we all have the sentiment that David is a little ill at ease and don't know why he should be. I think we expected a little more opportunity to share with us but it seems he's not much of a "morning person"– we're all different.

• We've got over 30 people signed up for the weekend so with us and the Sallèses we're looking at preparing meals for nearly 50 people. Camille and I went over the meals this afternoon.

• I got a letter from Eva in the post this morning which is always an initial visual treat since she uses paper and envelopes that look like it's been handmade last week – a real pretty rustic touch. If you're reading this, Eva, thanks for writing – your letters are the pearls in our mailbox. What is rare is valuable, they say.

• When reading Wendy's site I got the web page talking about an old CBC friend of mine, Doris Sauder. She was a good friend and came up to Yellowknife with me the following summer, must have been 1968. It's funny but of all the young people from that time period she is one of my best memories. Once I picked her up in Calgary – can't remember why – from the place she was working, which was Mobil. As she ran across the street and got in my car I remember asking her why it was that the letter "o" in the word "Mobil" was red while the rest of the word was blue (she didn't know). Life is funny like that. I'd sure like to see her again. Apparently she's a missionary in Uganda.

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