Saturday, May 30, 2009

We won

You know the old joke about the cows being in the corn? Well, every once in awhile somebody phones us, or in this case, the fire brigade, to report that our buffaloes are loose. It is always a moment of slight panic because these beasts are big.

Today, as we prepared to sit down to our noon meal outside on the terrace it happened again. The difference this time is that two of them escaped from what we thought was our most secure field and they'd somehow crossed the Loir and were seen in someone's field.

By now Raph and Roo have got the tactic down to a fine art—as much as it's possible to do. Usually it means several hours of running, calling, and chasing. This time was relatively quick and Raph sent us this picture with the simple caption, as listed above. Here's the picture:

By the way, the England team got back safely on Friday, as planned, and I think Raph will probably have some more pictures and tales to tell here over the weekend. (It turns out his access was suddenly cut off after I received the pictures last Sunday.) Suffice for the moment to say that the visit was very beneficial and restorative and a great blessing to all.

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  1. That's hilarious. Well, not for Raph and Roo, probably... I remember when Mum's cows used to get loose in her corn field (was one she rented out) and it was terrible trying to get them back! You couldn't even see them but could just hear them munching away and thrashing down the corn stalks as you chased them!

    I, for one, would be a trifle terrified to see one of your buffalo coming towards me!!

    Good catch, guys!