Wednesday, June 03, 2009

It's Roobie's turn

Good evening friends, family, and followers. Today got off to a slow start as a result of Mum, Christopher, and Claire getting home late from a concert they went to in Le Mans. I passed the evening alone with Becky and we had supper with Nat and Grandma so that was very cozy.

Things have been on the move a bit lately. Did I tell you that Paul left last week? His three week visit was over and he had to get back to Ohio but I think we'll see him again—he's talking about coming back with his son Clayton next time. I hope it happens because we got along well and it was so good to have him around here.

Raph was telling me of a new project expansion that Penngar are pushing through with their sister company in Germany which will involve rewriting the whole program (Mona) and translating it into German as well as providing training and support in English. It occurred to me that once this happens it may open a door for Paul to get on board in a bigger way than currently, while still keeping tabs on CopyCat support.

Anyway, it's Wednesday evening and Jonathan & Debbie left this morning. Sarah took them down to the station in Château at ten this morning—and apparently they made it! They are off to the UK to visit with our friends in Darvell since they are the only two of us left who have never yet had the opportunity to visit with them. I'm sure it will do them a lot of good and they'll return very inspired and encouraged!

Received a new book in the mail this morning. Recently I've been buying through Amazon's associates and very often manage to get new books (or, sometimes, used) in excellent condition much cheaper than Amazon is selling them. The book I received today I bought for $5—which, when you translate that into Euros, is a simply ridiculous €3.50.

Anyway, it's a big change from what I'm generally reading but it's by a guy I have come to believe and like: Gerald Celente. The book is called "What Zizi Gave Honeyboy" and is a wonderfully warm and moving true story of his relationship with his aged aunt. I won't tell you more than that right now but it's not a long book and I can't put it down.

Got a note from Hannah saying she'll be in Château on Friday the 5th at three in the afternoon. I told her we'll meet her and are looking forward to her visit. With Roobie gone we've decided to shut the hotel for a week since Bocar aussi left today and since Paul is gone that only leaves Andrea, who will stay up at the main house for a week.

I see the outside temperature is still at 24° so that explains why I feel uncomfortable. I think this is going to be a hot summer. Day's over; I'm off. Good night to you all and may God bless you with His peace and grace.

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