Sunday, September 27, 2009

Conference preparations

Hello everyone. I want to mention that I had a real nice talk with Jean-Claude last week when he came over to chat. He needs to be encouraged as his job and family situation is rather precarious.

Did I tell you that Andrew, Jacqui and their four children arrived last week? I don't have to tell you how the girls are getting along if you know Becky and Claire, do I! And what about Genereuse, from Luxembourg? She came in last week by train and I picked her up at the station on Wednesday. She's staying down at the hotel with Roo & Debbie, Kevin, and the Stroms so there's getting to be quite a crowd — just the way we like it!

Yesterday Raph asked Andrew if he'd like to share a word with us at this Lord's Day meeting so this morning he gave a good word of exhortation to us all. The thrust was that, as believers, we should remember the poor; the same which we also were forward to do (Gal 2:10). He started by reading passages from Luke that describe the ministry of Christ and emphasized that this is to be our ministry as well. The message was concluded by reading the story of the goats and the sheep from Matthew 25 — as Andrew said, one of the strongest passages in the Gospels concerning the poor.

After this, I read this morning's Sunlit Kingdom newsletter from Peter Hoover (if you're not already signed up to get them, you really ought to: go here). Peter followed on the same topic as last week (the testimony of Elias Chacour of "Blood Brothers") and delivered a wonderfully clear-cut message. It amazes us the experiences he has gone through and his wonderful way with words and we all benefit greatly from his wisdom and honesty.

Following the meeting we ate together, of course, and had some real good time sharing. The girls had prepared a delicious feast of slices of duck breast (magret de canard) — from our own ducks, too! At the end of the meal Camille brought out this month's birthday "cake" in honour of little Suzie and Claire went around the table dishing out sweets that Rosemary had brought so we were well taken care of!

With such a mixed bag of visitors from such varied backgrounds it is to be expected that we would have some pretty lively discussions and today it just happened that way all by itself! But above all our different viewpoints and worldviews we have love and respect for each other and this is so much bigger and more important than anything else. Jesus shall reign where'er the sun. The Kingdom is God is here, now, and only needs us to believe it enough to act like it. Praise God!

Jesus shall reign where’er the sun
Does his successive journeys run;
His kingdom stretch from shore to shore,
Till moons shall wax and wane no more.

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