Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Odds and ends of news

We use this blog to stay in touch with friends (known and unknown) and family around the world. I've been doing fairly well lately in sharing our thoughts and trails and travels but this is going to be short today since I find myself far too busy doing things to spend time talking about them. :)

In spite of that, a little news is in order.

1. Lots of comings and goings: Kevin got here last week and is proving a great help, especially around the farm, which is what he likes doing best. Rosemary arrived on Sunday for an extended stay and is fitting in very well here and a privilege to have with us. Andrew, his wife, and four daughters are due in here this evening — they plan to stay for a month or so. Also, Debbie's mother Ruth will be leaving tomorrow — I'll drive her up to Beauvais with Debbie in the afternoon.

2. NT Pod numbers 12 and 13 are out. Get them here, if you haven't already:

3. Very old and overdue news is that the final day of the children's adventures (called la Campagne that took place last month) is finally done. Becky finished it a few days ago but it got classified at the date where it was first started, last month. To read it, just click here.

4. Lastest news was the trip to Normandy which we made for a couple of days last weekend. The passenger list included 'Tine and Olly and Davy (Christopher didn't want to come), Claire and Becky, Sarah and I. We stayed at the same B&B we used last year in Ouistream and the kids had a great time on the beach though it was warm but quite windy.

More news to come tomorrow. We're still alive! And as the old song says,

It's so good, that we live together — living and loving one another!

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