Saturday, October 17, 2009

Buffalo ice cream!

Well, it's been an interesting an eventful few days here! Raph took Dock, one of the original buffalos we got, to Vendôme yesterday. The word was, She went in peace. And she'll come back in pieces!

All went well as he was a little apprehensive of how the whole affair would come off and left early in the morning, just to be sure, but apparently it couldn't have been easier. She'll be delivered in two or three days to our butcher in La Chartre who is going cut up the carcass. Apparently there were 307 kilos of meat, excluding waste, skin, and offal so we're looking forward to seeing that.

You had to be there to taste Sarah's home-made chocolate ice cream made from buffalo cream! Everyone was unanimous in saying it was the best we'd ever had! Thank the Lord.

This was the surprise desert after the Saturday meal of delicious soup, rillettes, pâté, grated carrotts, and a big bowl of Jacqui's coleslaw. With twenty-four around the table I don't have to tell you we had some great fellowship!

Received an interesting email a couple of days ago from a brother named Jay in Munich — with his family and seven children. His reply to mine came this morning so we're getting to know each other prior to a visit.

Becky and Claire went over to the hotel last night to stay up and watch The Taming of the Shrew with the Strom girls. Then this morning everyone was invited over here to watch a new PBS documentary called From Jesus to Christ: The Early Christians which we found quite interesting. We started the fire for the first time this year and Raph roasted pans of chestnuts while we watched the film.

This afternoon everyone has gone to the orchard to make an ultimate harvest of apples (last week we just gathered the windfalls) before proceeding next weekend to preparations for applesauce and cider. At the same time, Sarah and I are making our final harvest of walnuts chestnuts of the season.

Work is progressing on the new "cold room" at the back of the chais (where we make cider and wine) so all this be a great help in working more efficiently. I'll show you a picture of how it's going in my next post, Lord willing.

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  1. I'm behind on your blog, so I'll start catching up with this one...

    The Taming of the Shrew - I haven't seen that film for years but I do remember enjoying it - and Taylor/Burton classic.

    Enjoy your buffalo steaks!