Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Grow your own health

I've been wanting to get my thoughts organized on this topic for a long time and even created some titles on our family web site years ago. But I don't seem to make the time the get it finished. So today here goes, with at least a rough outline and the basic idea.

Nothing happens by accident — especially accidents. Over the years we've seen a correlation between certain types of "accidents" and certain modes of conduct. The two we have seen most clearly so far are broken bones and cancer.

I haven't got time right now to be more detailed than this but take these thoughts for what they're worth:

1. Broken bones seem to come about as a result of back-biting, gossip, and divisive talk; one of the seven things the Lord hates (Proverbs 6:16-19). The Bible tells us that "Pleasant words are ... health to the bones." (Proverbs 16:24) Is it stretching things too far to suppose that unpleasant words are ... not health to the bones?

One of the strangest prophecies concerning our Lord (that was fulfilled to the letter, of course) was that not one of his bones would be broken. Ever wonder what's significant in that? It was not important that he never cut his finger or had a headache. But even after he'd died, it was important that he go into the grave whole, with not a bone broken. Ask yourself why? It is proof that the fact of a broken bone is significant.

2. Cancer is an independent growth in the body by a cell that is not working with the others but against them. The way it is working against others in the body is by working solely and exclusively for itself. A cancerous cell has given up its created and useful role in the body and all it is doing is reproducing itself according to its own, new, agenda.

On the human level, this seems to manifest a spiritual truth in physical terms and most often seems to come about as a result of an independent and rebellious spirit that displays an unwillingness or inability to work with others. This may well explain the vertiginous expansion of cancer in our society.

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