Thursday, November 12, 2009

Back together

A little bit of news. Raph & Camille got back last night around 7 pm to most joyful exclamations from everyone! Raph brought us a bottle of wine — quite unusual really — made in the Isle of Ré of pure Chardonnay. I promptly stuck it in the fridge for later appreciation.

They said they'd had gorgeous weather last Monday (we could see that in the photo) but that it had clouded over afterwards and presented more expected November weather on the Atlantic. Even at this distance inland, our prevailing winds come from the Vendée and the sea.

Don't know if I mentioned before that the Stroms left bright and early last Monday to rejoin Andrew in London on his return from Uganda. We had a lovely visit and they wrote a couple of days ago to say they'd arrived safely and happily.

Catherine has been coming around a lot lately, which is a good sign for her as she really needs stability and godly counsel. She's seems to be drawn to Nat and they spend a fair bit of time together sorting out life's problems.

Jonathan has taken today and tomorrow off work so he can work outside on his new house. He has set himself a big project and has created a blog to keep a track of developments. You can check it out here, if you like.

Finally, here I was waiting for lunch with Amos on one side and Ruben on the other when along came 'Tiney and climbed on my back! (I love it!)


  1. Awww....Uncle Derrick...that picture of you and the grandkids is just so cute!!

    Just wanted you to know that I do read your blog...although I don't comment a lot!! haha!

    Also, I checked out Jonathan's blog..too bad I can't read it as it's all in French...but it looks like he is doing a lot of hard work!!

    Take care, love you all - say hi to everyone for me!!


  2. Hi Derrick. I too love the picture with the grand kids. It is nice to have them close to you. They sure are cute. When we go to Tanya's we get 5 hugs right away and then the little one you have to hug her.We really enjoy them. Little Josiah will be leaving with Mandy on the 24th. of the month. We will really miss him for sure.He is at that cute stage right now and knows exactly what your talking about. Grand kids are fun. I think we are getting acouple over the weekend.
    Looks like Jonathan has abig job ahead of him. Oh your beard is getting whiter every time I see a picture of you.I still have a fair amount of hair but it is getting thinner. Have a great day. Floyd