Saturday, November 14, 2009

New book!

Well, it's finally happened: I've published our first book at an online print-on-demand publishing house. This is a project that I've been "working on" for literally years. In fact, it was all but finished (just needed some touch-ups on the layout) exactly a year ago.

It's a book of six great sermons by Tozer that I've transcribed and collected from a series of messages he did in 1957 called "Awake!" so that's the name of the book.

Thanks, Raph, for your help on the cover — and if anyone wants to get themselves a copy, here's where to go. Click on the button below to get one from Lulu, and click on the cover below to go to our French Bible book store and get one from us — a little cheaper plus we'll send you a free CD with the book containing the six sermons in mp3 audio format! We love these sermons and I think you will, too!


Here's what the cover looks like:


  1. Good for you, Derrick... That must have been a massive undertaking. I have all 6 of those sermons on my iPod and have started listening to the first one last week.

  2. Good for you, they are good ones! I'm glad the job is done because I'v"e got more in the works!

    Why not get yourself a copy of the book to go along with it! :-)