Sunday, November 29, 2009

Our first Tozer in French!

As you most of you know, we've been translating good Christian literature here from English to French for well over ten years. It has all finished up on one web site or another in an effort to spread the gospel and pertinent Christian teaching to those we love around us, who have never had it.

One of our longest-lasting favorites is A. W. Tozer and one of his books we translated first was called "This World: Playground or Battleground". Well, we've finally got around to printing the whole book (108 pages) and it is now available by clicking here. (We're putting both books at 10€ to adequately cover costs — I never thought publishing would be so expensive. I guess it's the fact of do-it-yourself that makes it pricey.

Anyway, we are very pleased to be able to get this book out — it's a compilation of 42 of his editorials, as a lot of his books are, and well worth reading — if you speak a little French. :-)

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