Saturday, January 30, 2010

Another mystery!

You're going to think I live in a haunted house. Or else you're going to think I'm quietly going crazy and dreaming all this stuff up. But the fact is, today I have another mystery to present to you!

A few minutes ago I entered the scullery to pour myself a glass of wine for the evening — well, to fill up my carafe, but what do you care? — and my attention was immediately grasped by a large box sitting atop the pedal garbage can. I looked twice and sure enough, it hadn't been there an hour before and looked old.

In old-fashioned looking printing it said

10, rue des Minimes LE MANS

It seemed to be stuffed with old newspapers. Look at the box!

When I opened the box I found dozens of yellowing newspapers called La Flamme. I looked for a date and read "1 mai 1954" and then underneath it Hebdomadaire Régional d'Informations -- Organe publié sous l'occupation Allemande

My first surprise was at wondering why a newspaper printed in 1954 would have been printed "under the German occupation"! At this point I realized I was onto another mystery!

Needless to tell you, I do not have the foggiest notion of what this stuff is, nor how it came to be in my home! Tomorrow I will ask everyone susceptible of having planted such a box in my path and I promise I'll tell you what I find out!

The box was in fact filled with crumpled newspapers of varying dates but the one above was the most recent. Most were dated 1938, some 1940 and others 1942 and they make fascinating reading!


  1. I find it intriguing that you have a place in your home called a 'scullery'! I wish I had one! I think I would tend to go there quite a bit just so I could say that's where I was..."I'm over here! In the scullery!" Ha ha...

    This is very interesting...not only did the box just 'appear' but to be filled only with old newspapers! Was it sealed or opened? Well, here's some good news: you can look and see what was happening in "La Flamme" world the day you were born...and the day I was born!

    Are you sure you don't have an unknown spirit skulking around your scullery??

    Keep us posted!

  2. I have an update I'm going to share very soon! I found how the box (unsealed) got into the scullery!

  3. We've all been trying lately to figure out why it says it was produced under the German occupation when just beside it is a dateline for 1954! What the? Any ideas?

  4. We found the answer to that this afternoon! I hope Daddy writes about it soon.