Sunday, January 31, 2010

Cyprus, Israel, and Egypt

Well, I'm back to finishing the account of our recent trip for those that are interested. Next stop on was Cyprus in a town called Limassol on the south coast. Here we got out and strolled around in the town but the weather was not good and it started to rain so we didn't get far. Just as well we didn't take an excursion that day!

After a full day in port we set sail again for the Palestinian coastal city of Ashdod, just north of Gaza and technically within the state of Israel. The link under the word above takes you to the (very good) Wikipedia entry for this city, which has numerous facts and pictures.

We enjoyed very sunny warm weather the day we were there are went into town on the free cruise bus to see the town. Security was everywhere and people seemed to take it for granted but we found it strange to have a stop-and-search checkpoint when simply entering a shopping mall.

We often joke about the degradation of language which has reduced most countries of the world to communicate (as the ancients) in hieroglyphics. But we found there are times when hieroglyphics are useful — especially when you're in a hurry!

From this stop excursion coaches left for Bethlehem and Jerusalem, of course, but we were happy to relax in the sun and try to get a feel for things there.

That evening the ship sailed for Egypt with it's first stop at Port Said, where a lot of folks got off for an all-day excursion to see Cairo, the pyramids and other sites in the country. We had been tempted to take a tour of Alexandria and the famous museum there but in the end decided to spend the day on the boat relaxing. Port Said is a relatively modern city and exists mostly as the entrance port to the Suez Canal

At Alexandria, at the end of another relaxing day, we got off a strolled along a bazaar where Sarah bargained for some scarves. What an experience that was!

Well, after setting sail that evening we spent two full days without sight of land as we crossed the Mediterranean in a straight line from Alexandria to Civitavecchia. During this time I often consulted the huge screen on the upper deck which gave our exact position by GPS as well as details of the weather, wind speed, and so on.

The following were shots of this screen that I took on the Saturday morning, after sailing all night.

Lest I bore you any more with all this I will save the last post (of Italy) for tomorrow. I hope this has given you a feel for the cruise and how much we enjoyed it. We're thankful for all those who made it possible. God bless you!


  1. This is not boring at all, Daddy !

    It's rather interesting and helps us imagine what it was like to live it.

  2. Uncle D...

    It's good to see your photos and read about you and Aunt Peggy's trip - it looks and sounds like you had a great time...I must admit, I would have LOVED to go with you!! Those are some places I have always wanted to go too....I enjoyed the pics you put up on here, but was a bit disappointed...where are you in them all??

    Love you! Love to the rest of the family!