Friday, January 29, 2010


I interrupt the log of our recent trip to change the scenery completely. I've just seen a film I want to pass on. Didn't know whether to laugh or cry so at times so I did both. Here's the blurb on the documentary. It's done by a young Israeli boy, and lasts 90 minutes, so sit back and watch it when you have time, then leave your comments below. I'll get back to our travels tomorrow, DV.

"Quest to answer the question, "What is anti-Semitism today?" Does it remain a dangerous and immediate threat? Or is it a scare tactic used by right-wing Zionists to discredit their critics?

Speaking with an array of people from across the political spectrum (including the head of the Anti-Defamation League and its fiercest critic, author Norman Finkelstein) and travelling to places like Auschwitz (alongside Israeli school kids) and Brooklyn (to explore reports of violence), Israeli Shamir discovers the realities of anti-Semitism today.

His findings are shocking, enlightening, and surprisingly — and often wryly funny."


  1. Sounds I'll have to find a 90-minute block to view it! I'll let you know...

  2. I have just watched this, and feel as churned up as I did when I visited Yad Vasham in Jerusalem some yers ago. Maybe one group are making the most of it, I don't know. I do know there is a negative feeling about the Jewish people here in the UK.
    Several years ago I heard an elderly lady make an unpleasant remark about the Jews. I asked her why she said that. Her reply was, "Aren't we meant to hate the Jews?" I didn't know her or anything about her, but felt it right to say to her, "Jesus was a Jew, you know." She stared at me as if she hadn't ever thougth of that. So I asked her if she loved Him. She told me that she was a Christian.
    The only other comment is what beautiful girls those youngsters were!

    Let's see if this gets through to you. Love from Rosemary

  3. A further thought: I was so very sorry to hear that lovely girl saying that it left her wanting to kill the heirs of those who had killed the holocaust victims!

    God's people without Christ, God's Son!


  4. You can see the film here:

  5. Thanks for the link, Mats. I hadn't realized that mine (above) is no longer working.

    However, YOUR link is to the French sub-titled version that I found a bit distracting. The original film is at the same site, available here: