Thursday, January 14, 2010

Microtec in the press

I don't talk much here about our family business, Microtec, because this is not really the place. But we've been expanding our outreach through word-of-mouth of our customers. Our biggest customer — who we've been supplying with our management systems for over twelve years now — is part of a much larger group based in Germany and has been gobbling up smaller related businesses for the past few years in order to expand their turnover and influence.

Each time the new acquisitions meant an sharp increase in our workload as the new entity was integrated into the global system of the new parent company. Over the past couple of years we've expanded our influence by this means to a new office in Barcelona involving in frequent trips down there for Raphael as he assesses their new needs and integrates them into the French company's overall management, commercial, and stock control system.

After much negotiation the newest acquisition was announced: a fairly large company in the Bordeaux area. This means that our order-book for 2010 is chock full and every spare minute will be spent in equipping and training the new sister company.

We are now committed to personal visits of at least two days a week to Bordeaux to help them set up the new system and to provide the necessary training. The CEO of the parent company felt that it was time to spread the good news and gain themselves a little free publicity in the bargain so a news conference was set up in our offices at Marçon in order for Raphael and Pascal, chief architects of the system, to explain its functionalities and for our customer to vaunt its merits.

This has meant a flurry of newspaper reports in all the local and regional press and radio stations. The conference went very well and, judging by the reports that have come out, the reporters were quite impressed. We've never sought publicity and advertise little so have seldom received such glowing praises — which is a morale-booster for all the staff here!

Here's a sample of one of the articles. Put on your beret, grab a baguette and a cup of French coffee and here we go...

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