Sunday, February 28, 2010


When a lot people from different families live together for any length of time — especially with children — one of the first things that needs to be sorted out is what to do with birthdays. Parties? Cakes? Presents? Who gets what and how many and how often. With fifteen or twenty people living in a community setting things like this take on a much different proportion.

Long ago we had to settle this question by decided to group together all birthdays within a certain week and celebrate with a shared birthday cake that we enjoy after sometime on the Lord's Day — sometimes as dessert, sometimes later on in the afternoon. This system has worked well for years now and I only mention it today to explain why we are eating a birthday cake for little Christine (our only birthday this month) who actually turned eight sometime last week — on the twenty-second, in fact.

For years this pleasant lot has fallen to Camille who has made us the same cake every month (I think March is the only month we have no birthdays at all yet). Recently Debbie has been trying her hand and doing very well at it. The picture below is of her double-layered chocolate creation of the day — thanks, Debbie!

Earlier I captured the moment for you before the knife fell.

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  1. Good for those who like chocolate. She really decline it every way possible. Thanks Debbie