Monday, February 01, 2010

Details of the latest mystery

You've been following wonderfully and your guesses have been wild — but no one has managed to throw any real light on the latest mystery. (If you're new here, click on those last two words to get up to speed.)

However, though no one can explain how that box got into my house — nay, my scullery no less — Sarah had seen it before. She said that she noticed it had appeared for the first time that day in the storage area in front of Microtec.

Thinking it was my doing, she took it into the scullery to throw the old thing away. So that is where it was when I saw it and that's how it got there. But who put it into the Microtec storage area, of all places?

She told me that when she opened the box it was found to contain a very old fur wrapped it these seventy-year-old newspapers. But she knows nothing further about how it got here, who it belongs to, nor who boxed it for storage.

The plot thickens ...

1 comment:

  1. A FUR?? In the scullery?? No way!! What kind of fur was it and, more importantly, what happened to the fur?? Did Sara throw it away? It could be evidence, Derrick!

    Ha ha...yeah, I'm loving this...keep me posted!!