Monday, February 15, 2010

A birthday picture

My office has turned into a cave of Alibaba and no one knows what lies hidden inside it. There are drawers and cupboards which haven't been opened for ages. The funny thing is that I should know about everything but I don't. Things appear. Some people have a problem with things disappearing — not me.

Things that weren't there the day before are sitting there out in the open. I ignore it, thinking it'll go away. After a few days it intrudes on my consciousness that it's there. I suddenly ask myself, What's that? Then the next question always is, How did that get here?

This morning as I stood up I idly picked up a scrap of paper next to some books to put it in the bin next to my desk. As I picked it up I noticed it wasn't just a scrap of paper; it was the torn corner of an envelope and it contained an old colour slide, a transparency as my dad used to call them.

Scribbled on the outside is my mother's handwriting saying None of mine came out. I'll get copies of Wendy's or Derrick's for myself and to send to you one day soon. B

Huh! I thought, what's the picture of? Here it is for you all to enjoy.

On the border of the slide is written, in Aunty Ruth's unmistakable handwriting At my 70th birthday in Edmonton. A quick calculation would put that at the beginning of October (the ninth, actually) in 1990.

Please don't anyone ask me how this one slide came to be on my desk like that because I really don't know. But it's nice to see it, isn't it? :-)

Bonus question: is that Wendy with Aunty, or my mother?


  1. It is nice to see ! That photo was taken two years before I was born, but my memory of her is hardly any different.

  2. Oh, that is definitely Mum. I probably was taking the photo. I remember Mum's blouse...ha ha. Now...seeing as Mum wrote "Wendy's or Derrick's", it must have been the year you were in Edmonton - which was 90/91, wasn't it? on earth can these treasures just turn up on your desk?? I wish I had a "cave of Alibaba" at my house! keep posting because I'm enjoying it.

    Another puzzle: I go to your blog regularly and last night, I visited the most recent posts I had missed and even commented on Eight but this post was not here!! How can that be? According to the date it was posted before Eight but didn't show up until tonight! You have weird things occuring in your neck of the woods, brother...

  3. I start different posts as ideas come to me but don't always finish them in the order they were started. A post might sit for a day or two while I worked on a scan or picture to go with it.

    Thus, when posted, they keep the date they were started with and may seem to appear to you out of order.

    This particular post sat for a couple of days while I wrestled with my slide scanner to get it working properly. Meanwhile Eight, with a simple digital picture, came and went.

    Sorry about that -- you'll have to just keep your eyes open every time you come! :-)

  4. Awww....I loved seeing Grandma's handwriting!!!

    Regarding the is taken in our old house, LOL..Mum, look at the wallpaper!!

    And the pic...I'm not sure that it's Grandma...yes I remember her having that blouse, and the way she's laughing is something Grandma would do...BUT it sure looks like my Mum to me! Who do you think it is Uncle D ;-)

    Love to all...


  5. Well, Kristy, the reason I posed the question is because I could go either way. That WAS a typical posture of my mother but I lend more weight to the fact that YOUR mother recognizes the blouse and doesn't think it's her. :-)

    So be it.

  6. I loved seeing Grandma´s handwriting too!! I most definitely think it's Grandma...she always sang happy birthday like that...In that same stance...It's captured on my 2 year old birthday video :) Just for fun, you know what else is captured? Grandma blowing up an empty bag of potato chips and then popping it...and Tanya exclaiming in her cute pre-teen little voice, cried, "Oh, grandma. It-it-it just about made my guts jump out!" ha ha!:)