Wednesday, February 03, 2010


Becky's friend Flora and her mother Bridgitte have gone skiing and Becky has been invited to join them in the mountains south of us. We thought about it and tried to plan how she could get there. Flora said to Becky that if she came up by train, they would drop her off on Saturday when they came by.

The plan looked good on paper but buying the train tickets still showed a more complicated trip than we first expected. From Château-du-Loir to Saint-Pierre-des-Corps to Moulins to Clermont-Ferrand to La Bourboule — with a change of trains at each step!

Flora's holiday home is in La Bourboule with skiing at Mont-Dore just a few kilometres away. The idea sounded a bit complicated but feasible, though we hadn't planned on the SNCF pulling a strike for that day!

The trains were still running but the schedule was completely off. In the end I took Becky to Saint-Pierre to put her on the train due to leave at noon thereby saving her the first leg of the trip. Well, the first surprise was that train had been cancelled and the next one wouldn't leave till two-thirty.

It was the train going to Marseille and she needed to get off in Lyon then transfer to get up to Clermond! Never mind, the girl and the ticket counter gave me a refund and Becky was undaunted so we walked over to a brasserie just next door and I bought her lunch.

After a cozy lunch she got off just fine but it was after midnight before I got her call saying she'd safely arrived. The return trip on Saturday went just as planned after a couple of days of great skiing so it made a nice break for Becky and a great time for the girls.

The train network in France is so sharp and punctual you could set your watch by the arrival of the trains. You just have to watch out for strikes!

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  1. Well, I'm glad that she made it safely and had a fun time skiing!