Thursday, February 25, 2010

The swimming hole

I got such a good reaction and interest to the old pictures of the house I'm going to treat you to another one today. :-)

Next to the house is what we call "The Island" since the stream flowing through this area is split upstream in order to provide water for the old mill, formerly all part of the same property, though now a separate building owned by our nearest neighbour.

Right in the middle of the waters, and completely surrounded, is a hectare of land once used as pasture, then just before us, as a poplar farm. Since we've been here we've just enjoyed the bushes and scrubby trees, content to leave it in a semi-wild state.

Well, at the point where the waters split is a weir and a small waterfall which has created a roundish pool that we sometimes use for swimming. This picture, dating from the same time as the others, is taken from a position on the island and pictures a couple of children on the weir.

This time the caption reads "Cooperative Dairy of Marçon — The weir on the Dême" (The Dême, you will have guessed by now, is the name of the stream that ends up in the Loir.)

Now for a special treat. See that same shot today (well, not today; I dug it out of our collection. This one was taken in April of 2004).


  1. What a very good idea to show a picture of the same thing from the same angle today !

    Let's try and get photos from today to match the other old photos you've posted already, Daddy !

    I volunteer to take some, if need be !

    Lots of love,

  2. Do it, Bup! It's your project now!

  3. "Bup" - yet another colourful nickname! Ha ha. I look forward to seeing them all, Becky - a wonderful idea!