Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Another find from Ali Baba's cave

You're probably thinking... whatever next!

This is not really a mystery — or is it? Who is this? Who took this photo? Why did Aunty so carefully keep it all these years? Why was it found this morning in a half-envelope addressed to:

Miss R. Neve
67 Baring Road
BH64DT Southbourne

(Just like that, for you purists.) And stranger still, to me: Who sent this photo (it's actually a slide) to her? Because the return address on the other side of the envelope (name cut off) is in Belgium.

But the slide (or Diapositive Kodachrome as it says on it) was actually FABRIQUÉ EN FRANCE, and this is according to the inscription printed around the cardboard frame. My!

Well, if I don't write here more often it's not because I lack material but rather time. Enjoy the photo and I will enjoy your guesses and explanations of the subject and origin of the snap.

(You never know what you're going to see when you come here, do you?)

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  1. What I want to know is - did it mysteriously "turn up" on your desk? It reminds me of the black decorative elephants that we had in our home as children that, of course, came from Aunty Ruth. No idea how the whole 'made in France' thing came about... Was this in with all of Aunty's things?