Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The men behind the curtain

I'm neither economist nor politician but a Christian who has more of life behind him than ahead. On that basis I'd be particularly unintelligent if I didn't feel I'd learned something these past fifty years.

I'm referring to what everyone here calls "The Crisis" that we supposedly entered in late 2008, talked about all throughout 2009 and are now starting to feel the repercussions of this year of 2010.

I have learned to believe — really believe — very little of what the mass media tells me. On the contrary, I've learned to be very critical and sceptic about what I hear on the radio or what I see parroted in the press. My attitude is due to several different factors that I don't want to go into too much here but suffice to say that the press has been caught in outright lies by me so very often that I really think of it more as a reprogramming machine than anything else. Somebody wants us all to believe the same thing.

Most of you may know that we got rid of our television over 20 years ago now and have never missed it. All our children have been raised entirely in the absence of Big Brother's brainwashing of filth and profanity and had a better childhood because of it.

There are a lot of what the media would call conspiracy nuts around nowadays and I certainly don't consider myself one of them. I've moved from the realm of conspiracy theory that I tried to cut through in 1963 to solid conspiracy fact that, to me, appears so flagrant and so obvious that I'm often amazed at how brazen the men behind the curtain can be. I guess they think they have nothing to lose since they've been getting away with it for so long.

What the banksters — let's call them that because it's safer — are doing now is so perfectly clear to me. They're working through what they control the most of: banks, films, books, popular music and culture, movie houses, school, and government. And, when you think about it, that's pretty much everything in western society. Can't you see it? It's the same group of people everywhere!

And what is their trademark that is so recursive and blatant? They hate Jesus Christ. They hate the Bible, because it talks of Jesus Christ. They hate all and any Christian organizations because they (more or less) stand for and promote the teachings of the Bible, which talks of Jesus Christ. How could anyone be so wicked? John 8:44. Jesus knew! We're not talking about worldly unbelievers here, these people have an agent: get rid of every trace of Christianity.

Be awake. Be aware. Look at the names of those in charge but also be aware that they often change their names in order to disguise the racial cult they come from. There is no fooling with them for today they are in a position where they can do what they want and answer to no one.

What sparked this kind of a post in me? You know the fabricated crisis in Greece? I say fabricated because, just as it is here, if you took these European nations (that some people have always hated, because we've got Christianity in our roots) and put them somewhere else to start again it would happen. But we are being crushed, not because we're evil but because we have signed our life away in usurious debts. No one can now repay this usury. It used to be illegal to charge interest on lending money — did you know that? Now, our whole society is in impossible-to-repay debt.

So now I hear that they are after one more bastion of morality that they can crush and squeeze a bit more money out of, too. They're now saying the Greek Orthodox Church should have to pay taxes and lose its tax-free status!

Watch out: it'll be us, next!


  1. Yes, You have right. I agree that we can´t trust in nothing else but the beloved savior Jesus Christ and His reedeming work and focus on Him and work out our salvation in trembling and fear.

  2. It is only recently that I have come to understand these things. Growing up in the peaceful and prosperous USA of the 60's and 70's, it never occurred to me that it would come to this. Never did "the math" ... Now it is so obvious that, for one, the fiat, debt-based financial systems of the world can only lead to economic collapse. "Ain't no way" that all this debt can be payed off. For another, that there are people who actually profit - tremendously - from this con-game. Reminds me of how the Egytians ended up selling themselves and their children into slavery to avoid starvation, being given the grain which they themselves had originally produced.


  3. After posting my last comment, I came across this article at

    "Was economic collapse a planned power grab?"


  4. Thanks, Jay. It's nice to have you back and I appreciate your feedback.