Saturday, March 20, 2010

Rammy goes south

Our largest and oldest (over ten years now) customer can't stop growing! A couple of years ago they expanded into Spain with an office in Barcelona and sales reps on the road. This meant that we had to go down there to install our software on their system, too, so it would be compatible with what the mother company has here.

Last year they acquired a company bigger than themselves in the Bordeaux area and we've been planning with them on integration ever since. The centralised production unit up here will mean a lot of work for us as well as we tie their company in with their centralised system and train them in using our software. This has meant a lot of work for us and our time is spoken for throughout the whole year.

All this has meant that Raph's been working hard lately spending every other week in Bordeaux installing new systems and training the personnel. Besides spending last week in Spain and coordinating all the other team members on the regular workload up here in France he still has to keep his finger on the pulse of what is happening on a daily basis for the standing projects.

All this to say that when he told me he was thinking of taking a week off and heading south with his little family I was enthusiastic and glad for him to do it.

For some reason we've been unable to get in touch with Serge but after talking things over they decided to head toward Sète and rent a camper when they were down there. I'll let you know how their trip progresses.

After spending the morning getting ready, they left today just after lunch and a few hours later we got this picture from the heart of the volcano district of the massif central at our family-favourite hotel on the autoroute "L'hotel des volcans".

Glad to be at the hotel

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