Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I found a friend

Friends are seldom so numerous that one can lose one without feeling the loss. In my case this truism is truer than it would be if applied to others.

As more and more people have come on line over the past fifteen years I've held a couple of people that I wished I could get in contact with again. One of them was a friend of mine during my late teen years called Ken.

Ken's father was the pastor of the little church we frequented at that time of my life, the Yellowknife Pentecostal Tabernacle. Ken was smarter than me but he liked me and I had something that he didn't seem to have: an ease of rapport with people and a determination and surety of destiny. I didn't know a lot but I was sure of a few basics. It was a primitive and childish form of charisma because I found myself a natural leader — not in form but rather in fact.

In turn I liked Ken because he seemed to know hundreds of things that I didn't know and was good at them. He knew history; I merely liked history. He excelled in maths; I merely tried. After graduation we both got a job as Supervisor at the local Correctional Institute. Later on we took a train across Canada to attend Expo67 and generally did quite a lot of things together because we were complimentary.

My brother Bryan tipped me off last week to a web site of lawyers that listed someone of Ken's name (last name withheld to protect the innocent — him) because he'd heard that Ken was working out there.

I crawled the site and came up with both a photo and an email address for this man and thought I'd give him an electronic shout. This morning I heard back from him, a warm letter letter of understandable surprise asking for my news.

Instead of giving him the address of this blog as I should have I rambled on about a few things I remember him for to see if I could jog up some reciprocal recollections. Then I told him briefly what I have been up to recently (the last forty years condensed to a paragraph) and invited him to do the same.

After sending it I realized it would have been a nice idea to have sent him a recent photo of myself. Well, I can always do that next time.


  1. How nice, Daddy !
    I wish we could meet him.
    Maybe he has a blog as well ?


  2. Well, that's exciting! I was surprised that Bryan was surfing the net looking for someone...ha ha. Also, I have never heard the term "crawled the site" - interesting. Is it a slower version of "surfing"? Ha ha.

    Pass on our regards to Ken when you talk to him next.

  3. I meant "crawling" in the sense of hunting around on the site the way a web crawling robot does. Check out if you're really interested in the workings of it. :-)