Saturday, April 17, 2010

The wedding

Those of you who haven't asked yet have been thinking so hard that I've heard you: What about the most important wedding of the year?

So much to say and words just won't do. After much deliberation and even more hesitation Nathalie married Gérard today here in Marçon. I almost said "Gérard, Romain, and Céline" for lest you not be aware, Gérard was a widower and was coping as best he could raising the two children, ten and twelve years old respectively.

The Lord graciously provided the perfect weather they needed to make the day a hundred percent success. After the civil ceremony we were all invited to participate in the celebration of their union in the church just next door.

Gérard is a municipal employee so had a lot of well-wishers present. Nathalie's family was all present and accounted for. Everyone went to a lot of work to provide her with a happy and memorable day.

And so the wheels turn and enmesh with other gears and we all enter into another epoch.


  1. Really very happy for you Nathalie!!Take care.lots of love.

  2. I hadn't heard! What wonderful news, Nathalie!