Thursday, May 13, 2010

A coat-hanger

Well now, here's a funny thing!

This morning I decided to wear a fresh short-sleeved shirt. I probably haven't worn this one since last year (starting May first I cash in all my long-sleeved shirts for short ones). As I picked up the shirt I noticed it was hanging on a very old wooden hanger.

I was surprised to see that something was written on the wood and couldn't believe what I read:

The DeWitt Clinton
State & Eagle Streets,
Albany, N.Y. — A Knott Hotel

You're going to have to believe me when I tell you this: I know nothing about this hotel and even less about where we got this hanger! Sure, we use a lot of different hangers recuperated over the years from no-one-knows-where. But where did this one come from?

Then it really hit me. First it was just a vague thought then as I fully woke up it became a growing suspicion: wasn't that the name of my mystery hotel where Marcel was head chef back in the fifties? I ran up to my office and checked — and there it was! It was all just too much! Personal correspondence, postcards, menus, newspaper clippings, books about Swiss cheese ... and now a coat-hanger, of all things!

On an impulse I googled the place and found out that seven months ago it was in the news...

ALBANY, N.Y. -- An historic down-town Albany building is being turned into an up-scale hotel. That word comes Tuesday from Mayor Jerry Jennings and representatives from the Empire State Development Corporation.

Empire State Development is contributing $4 million to the project. The Dewitt Clinton hotel building on the corner of State and Eagle streets will become a Hilton Embassy Suites hotel with nearly 200 rooms.

Who is this guy Marcel Martel and why do I keep bumping into him and his friends fifty years after the fact? How long is this going to go on? :-)


  1. It would seem to be that you are destined to connect with him...ha ha. Too funny! A mystery, indeed...

  2. This is weird and wonderful!


  3. How very strange and surprising !