Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pentecost weekend

I hope you like that photo of Raphael & Camille's family in my last post — I do! And wasn't Raph's picture of the two cousins just hilarious! Ruben has such a comic look on his face!

After a very long, cold winter we are very thankfully entering into a real spring — and the summer prognostications are looking very good. Just yesterday someone said that this summer may rival the drought of 1976, though I think it may be a little early to talk like that.

This having been Pentecost Monday, and a bank holiday (Whitsun Aunty used to call it) we enjoyed our last long holiday of the month.

For those that may not realize we enjoy the First of May (of course), which is internationally called Labour day, then comes VE-Day on the Eighth of the month. Now since these two holidays are one week apart and entirely dependant upon the vagaries of the calendar we profit most when the month starts on a Tuesday or a Thursday (not as in this year when it fell on Saturday) for then, although it's not an obligation, the custom is most often to "make a bridge" between the holiday and the weekend, thus resulting in a lovely four-day weekend twice in a row!

The next two are Ascension Day (conveniently always fixed to Thursday) and Pentecost Monday. So there you have it. Sometimes more, sometimes less, but always appreciated.

Yesterday Raph & Camille decided to take everyone that wanted to come on an early-morning bike ride before breakfast and get some croissants from the bakery for breakfast.

There's a little spot on the other side of town (about a two-kilometre ride, I reckon) down by the river and it was just an ideal spot with the morning sun shining golden in the blue sky

Friday our resident butchers (Jonathan & Debbie) had killed us one of our sheep so we had the shoulders on the Lord's Day and yesterday we decided that the chops would make an excellent BBQ.

We ate out on the terrace and even Grandma seemed to have a good appetite. Afterwards we lounged around the garden and soaked up some sun. Thank the Lord for the sun and the warmth and life it provides us with. It was so good to eat our own lamb washed down with Raph's own rosé wine that he's just finished bottling last week.

This morning Kevin came into the office announcing in his passionless voice that Becky's bees had swarmed. She and I hurried out to see and sure enough, there they were hanging like Aaron's beard from the lower branches of a young apple tree just waiting for us.

We'd talked about not looking for a new swarm this year but when the Lord drop one in your lap what can you do? You hear a lot about bee colonies dying off but our three did well throughout the winter — and it was a particularly hard one for them here. So we put the new arrivals in the little temporary hive until we can get organized but we're thankful because already we got a good harvest from the colza (oil-seed rape) last week.

Well that is all for today. I hope you're enjoying the weather as much where you are, too! God bless you.


  1. A lovely week-end, I say !

  2. Hi Derrick. Just reading your post and enjoying it as usual. What a combination? Good weather, Sun shine, bike ride to the bakery, lamb chop BBQ and Bee hives. Sounds like you are enjoying your family. Well we have a bakery that is about 1 1/2 blocks from my house. The good weather hasn't shown up yet but they keep promising, We rarely have lamb chops and don't have any bee hives. Maybe you should send Becky over for a few months and she can teach me all about Bee's.
    Wendy is still enjoying a few more days in Chile. I am sure missing her but I have a daughter with lots of kids (grand kids)and they like to take turns and spend time with PaPa. I had 2 stay over last night, Amie who is 6 and Kellen (the only boy)who is 4 going on 8.ha ha
    Have a great day and keep on posting.
    Love you guys.