Friday, May 14, 2010

Update from Courtiron

A four-day "weekend" here due to Ascension day (yesterday, Thursday) means lots of time off and getting a lot of those fun jobs done.

Update on the donkeys: Becky, Claire, Agathe and Debbie (and little Ruben!) finally got the donkeys moved, as we'd wished. They just walked them there and made a nice outing of it. No problems at all! On the way they stopped at the lake where all the rest of us met them and we had a great picnic — though the weather has been unseasonally cool lately.

Then today Raph spent a lot of time in the chais organizing, decanting, and pouring. Having designed his own first label the little ones helped him empty the cask into bottles. He had the wine analysed last week at the laboratory where it was pronounced to be in good health: a delicious, slightly sweet rosé.

Susie filling bottles of wine

First bottles

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