Saturday, July 31, 2010


I just wanted to record for whoever may be interested that today the brethren from Moravia arrived—all thirty-seven of them! Their huge bus pulled up to the town and Karel called me for guidance to the hotel.

They were parked past Thierry's garage in front of the cemetery and in a few minutes I was leading them on to Port Gauthier. This was early afternoon. Just minutes later Andrea pulled into the parking lot, said he'd find himself a room for the night and then come over in the morning.

It was a crazy day all around what with the Marché nocturne tonight that got under way around nine or ten, but the children sure had a good time!

It was good to see Andrea again and to hear his French. As for the Moravians, we only have one who really speaks French among them with perhaps half-a-dozen anglophones and only the odd person or two who speak German or Russian. It's going to be a challenging couple of weeks with Karel seems to have prepared things well.


  1. They are staying with you for a couple of weeks, Derrick? Wow! That's a lot of company! Are you having a conference or something?

  2. No, the conference is not until next month! These are brethren from a couple of churches in southern Moravia (Czech Republic) who have come to help build Jonathan's house. God bless them!