Monday, August 16, 2010

Grandma is fine

I just got back from the hospital this afternoon and feel like Grandma has tricked me again! :-) Still, I'm glad to have had the tests done and know that all is well. Better safe than sorry.

The doctor said the x-rays show no breaks or abnormalities and that her vital statistics (see former post) are just fine. Apparently the only thing they found was that she was obviously not having bowel movements properly but that they were "treating" that. She ate breakfast today and had finished lunch by the time I got there so I gave her a piece of shortbread which she seemed to like.

The doctor said they had taken her hands and walked her around the room a little after which he said that Grandma had told him (in English, of course) "Thank you!".

I didn't see any point in prolonging her stay since she was looking good to me and we agreed that they could discharge her after lunch tomorrow.

I've just uploaded a few of Raph's photos that have been accumulating here for the past few days. Look over at the list of posts on the left in case there are some you may not have seen. Posts always appear in date order so don't be fooled thinking you've seen them all just because you've read the most recent post. Goodbye and God bless you all!

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