Saturday, August 14, 2010

Grandma is weak

I know that Grandma is known and loved by many of you so I'm going to share an email I sent out to selected family members yesterday.

Hello everyone,

I just want to drop you all a line to let you know that Grandma is not real well right now. There is, at the moment, no urgency to what I am saying but I've felt for a couple of days now that I ought to write something.

I took her down to our family BBQ last Sunday evening. She hasn't been getting out very much these days and over the past few months her mobility has been noticeably reduced. For the past little while the only way to lead her about has been to take her by both hands and walk backwards.

This walk was not more than two hundred metres but it left her panting and worn out, so much so that her knees seemed to buckle at the end and I had to support her by lifting her under her armpits. She collapsed into her canvas arm-chair and took a few minutes to recover but then ate normally and seemed to enjoy herself there with us all.

A few hours later I took her back home and she was complaining about tiredness and told me not to go too fast. I decided this might be the last time we made this trip — no point pushing things. Again, as we neared the house she couldn't go on and had to be carried to her bedroom.

Since then she's not wanted to be moved and has spent a lot of time in bed. I just called the emergency phone number because I wanted to talk to a doctor before starting to write this and the doctor on duty has just returned my call. I explained everything to him and he checked her file and said the best thing might be for an ambulance to come and take her to the local hospital so they can do a complete check-up and see what's up. I've just given her a glass of fizzy vitamin C (which she likes) while I'm waiting for them to get here.

I'll keep you updated when I've got more to say. She's seemingly quite happy but so weak that I'd like to have a medical opinion in case there's anything we should do. She smiled at me and said I look nice so she can sometimes be coherent but she doesn't speak much any more. More later. Don't worry about her; she's in good hands. I was talking to her the the other night and said "You're gonna make it Grandma!" and she smiled and reached out for my hand and kissed it.

This second email was sent out at the end of the day:

Hello all, I'm back from the hospital.

We decided to let Grandma stay overnight while they ran some extensive tests and a couple of X-rays on her. She is well and not in any pain that we can see but it's time to get to the bottom of current events.

I had the suspicion that maybe she had broken something somewhere. The doctor said the same thing but this is all just speculation for the moment. I should know for sure tomorrow morning and will definitely know by Monday morning. I'll let you know as soon as I have something concrete to say.

Meanwhile all her vital statistics are (in the doctor's words) perfect.

Blood pressure = 148/78
Pulse = 82
Blood saturation in O2 = 97%
Temperature = 37,3°C
Blood sugar = 1,55 (she'd just finished eating before they took her)

She was sleeping when I left her and the doctor speaks an easy English which will comfort her. I like him and he is someone that inspires trust.

Good night,

I will update on her health as things progress. She is with the same people that remember her from her last visit, which is a good thing.

All the end of the day Raph & Camille, Zack & Ammi, and Kevin went out with all the children under 18 to the camp grounds to watch the firework display which is the highlight of the annual Marçon old-car festival which draws people and vehicles from far and wide.

I'll close off now with a warm goodnight!

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